Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Sheridan Library Blog is a chance for you to let us know what you like (and don't) about Sheridan Library Services, and to build bigger and better library services in the future. Asone of the best colleges in Canada Sheridan should have library services to match. We need you help. We want to build a better mousetrap [aka library services] and we plan to use Second Life and other tools to help us do it.

What's in it for you? Lots. You get great professional experuience in a real world environment, something you can put on your resume, and, maybe, fame and fortune. A first year student from last year had her brainchild - a Sheridan Zine Library - come to be one year later (see p. 13 in the Sept. 20th,2007 issue of the Sheridan Sun), and another, a first year Interior Design student was asked to help in the design of a new hospital space.

To sign up for the Library Services Student volunteer group just send an email to or call leave a message at Sheridan extension 2481.


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