Friday, December 08, 2006

So this is what I had in mind for our visual concept and mural. If the library is our brain what does the interior design look like. Well much by coincidence Trafalger library looks a lot like this view of the brain. Okay let me explain the layout (it may have to be altered a little for Davis but it can be done) We enter in the frontal lobe, (remember the diagram?) we then travel down the Corpus callosum (the ramp at Trafalger). To our right is the Temporal lobe (our little atrium), remember that it's name comes from the Latin for temple which I also felt was fitting. So the corpus callosum has connected us to the Parietal Lobe of the Cerebrum and the Occipital lobe. These two areas are not directly linked to functions in the library but there certainly is information in books housed in that area of the library. If that seems a little weak than consider the fact that in between the two areas is what is referred to as the association Cortex. This area is believed to be the area where thought process takes place and also where most of our memories are stored (and where we store all of our books). The Cerebellum could represent the front desk. Cerebellum is from the Latin word meaning little brain. I think that is the perfect representation for our wonderful, knowlegable library staff and front desk. Last but certainly not least, we have the offices of the library in the Pons.The Pons relays sensory info from the Cerebellum and Cerebrum. I hope you all find the endless possibilities of my concept as exciting as I do. Please give me feedback and any ideas to incorporate into the design (especially Davis).
(please keep in mind these are only sketches, colour and detail will be added along with any changes.)


At 5:43 AM, Anonymous Taodhg/Tim said...

Amazing, Rolanda. Makes the whole learning adventure more of an ADVENTURE.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger alaynaa said...

Hey that sounds really great. I think it might also work with some minor adjustments at Davis. I have to do some research in regards to that, but I will get back to you soon.

At 5:33 AM, Blogger onjo said...

I think that the idea is a very exciting one as well. My only concern ,(which is a problem many designers come across)how are students going to be fully aware of the concept of the brain, with all of the special adjacencies and spacial locations? Is the 'mural' idea supposed to be like a legend or map when you walk in? Like the type in malls, but with the whole brain concept instead?
I just want to clear that up, because when designing, you really want to make sure your end user knows exactly what you're trying to go for and accomplish.
And as for the crazy furniture, I'd be willing to make up some sketches and discuss them over with the furniture department. Which parts of the brain exactly where we thinking?

At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Taodhg said...

Attn. Onjo: I suggested a "frontal lobe" chair to Rolanda. What would that look like?

At 4:32 PM, Blogger onjo said...

Well really, the frontal lobe is just a big mass of brain gunk (like any other part of the brain) that resembles the small intestine in shape. So I suppose it would take a lot of refining to make the piece of furninture to look attractive while still looking like the frontal lobe. But the Christmas break hopefully will produce many good ideas.


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