Monday, December 04, 2006

Hi everyone, I love the ideas so far about organization as per the human brain. It sounds exciting - and I think a library that looks attractive and exciting is where everyone will want to be. My comment is about the "jungle" at Trafalger library. The plants are great, and the natural light is a big draw for students. That part of the library is always the first to fill up, but we do have leakage problems every time it rains. I think that the "living organism" idea could be represented by the plants as well as the brain. Does anyone see a way we could turn the disadvantage of the leaky roof into a plus? Maybe a rainwater plant watering system? Davis might benefit from having something similar. Check out the living walls at this link:

The air quality is excellent in Guelph-Humber. Although the humidity is a little higher, and it would have to be far away from the books.



At 6:53 AM, Anonymous Taodhg/Tim said...

I think Rolanda of the volunteer group was thinking about some images that merged trees and brains.


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