Monday, November 20, 2006

In interior design there are floor plans to give you an idea of where rooms and structural features are located. Think of this image as a visual floor plan of the brain. I have made notes on the "rooms" and "structural features" within the brain but you might not be able to read my chicken scratch so I will re-write my notes below.

(From top left, down and top right, down)

Frontal Lobe-

Latin: Forehead
responsive for voluntary movement, personality, planning and intelligence.

Piuitary Gland-

Adrenaline, Hormones

Temporal lobe-

Latin: Temple
Ears, auditory cortex


Relays sensory info. From cerebellum and Cerebrum. (some say pons is responsible for dreams)

Parietal Lobe-

Latin: Wall
Somatosensory cortex


Links major areas of the brain

Occipital Lobe of Cerebrum-

Visual cortex, receives info from eyes


Latin: Little brain
Integration of sensory perception and motor output

Now I am in no way a biology major so if anyone could give some helpful info that would be great. Try and start to understand and memorize some of these areas because I will refer to them in the next part of the concept.


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